NX8 Stagger Pattern

The new NX8 Pattern Feature command is more powerful than ever before. It gives users the ability to create radial patterns of holes and or other features that are staggered. In this short video you will learn how to use the command and… Read More

NX8 Radial Patterns

NX8 now has the ability to easily create radially patterned features. An engineer can quickly define a radial pitch distance and a count and NX8 will produce concentric rings of patterned features. It’s easy and it’s really powerful. The new “Pattern Feature” command… Read More

NX7.5 Deformable Part

NX 7.5 modeling technique called “Deformable Part.” This functionality is extremely useful when it is beneficial to represent the real world “flexibility” of a component. For this case study we are looking at a Medical Product known as a stent. Our goal is to… Read More

NX7.5 Through Curves

Created by, soopzable. How to connect a circular tube to a square tube in NX7.5. This works for connecting any round shape to any square shape using “Through Curves.”

NX7.5 Progressive Modeling

Progressive modeling is the art of using successive waved part files to enable the modeling of very complex components. This technique enables you to break up certain features into different part files so that when you design you don’t have to update everything all at once. This way a… Read More

NX6 Move Face Problem Solved using Split Body

NXtutorials brings you a helpful tutorial that solves the “move face” problem. Due to the complexity of many modern models, the synchronous modeling command of “move face” does not always work. In those cases, the associative “split body” command helps to solve the problem.