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We don’t just teach CAD; we teach how to use CAD to accomplish a specific production goal.

It sounds like a small difference, but when our students emerge from class they are better qualified to do great production work. Your trainer is an engineer who actively and currently has design projects that he is responsible for. Therefore, what is taught in the classroom truly reflects industry experience.

What we know about the software is informed by years of actual design experience for many different industries; this enables our trainers to know the software better than those who happened to write the code. Most of our training is custom. We are able to take your part files and whatever methods documentation you may have, and integrate them into the course we create specifically for your needs.

Students benefit greatly because the material is focused on what they will actually use.

We have trained all over the world and our communication skills are second to none. Our trainers are extremely engaging and patient while they serve as teacher, engineer, cheerleader, and sometimes therapist, to be fully effective.

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Note: Courses can be specially customized for your required version of software and for specific dates. Please call for more information 408-997-6323
massagerOur product design services encompass the entire scope of product development.

From idea generation and concept development, engineering and analysis, all the way through tooling and manufacturing, we provide a complete product solution.


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bumptesterA compelling design is a work of art that is aesthetically beautiful and performs its function beautifully.

We address our industrial designs from a holistic perspective, considering all aspects of the life of the design: The experience of the end user The overall shape of the object Improved usability Ergonomics and other human factors Color, texture, sound, and feel Manufacturability and lower-cost production Choice of materials as well as Sustainability.

We will deliver our industrial designs in the form you choose: sketches, production quality reports, computer files, or prototypes.

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We have become trusted experts in the medical product design industry. We have a proven track record of developing FDA approved medical devices-Class I, II, and III-and have an extensive knowledge of the FDA approved regulatory process.

We are intimately familiar with design considerations specific to the medical industry such as: Bio-acceptability Materials Human factors Packaging and sterilization. We can leverage our medical design experience and capabilities for your specific needs, whatever the scale.

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UGS-PLMWith our PLM implementation service, we design the design process for your business to help you operate smarter, better, and faster.

Our PLM implementation design always begins with an all encompassing review of how your business is performed, identifying the inputs and outputs of each component of your business.

Next, we perform a detailed needs assessment where we link your company’s product development and design needs with powerful Teamcenter PLM software solutions from UGS.

Above all, the design will be friendly to the users. Design Visionaries can also provide training and books to augment Teamcenter implementation.

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Forensic EngineeringAs a professional engineering firm, Design Visionaries can perform a number of scientific analyses and can appear in court as your engineering expert witness.

Our highly skilled engineering team has the experience needed to analyze and investigate crash accidents, injuries, patents, and products. We utilize tried and true methods of forensic engineering including: reverse engineering, fault and failure analysis, investigation of materials and components, examination of witness statements and other court documents.

We provide reliable mechanical engineering analysis, high-quality animations/simulations of crash accidents and injury scenes. We create full reports, 3D computer animations / simulations of the accident, injury scene, or device, and can appear in court as your engineering expert witness.

We testify on your behalf and have the ability to make the detailed engineering principles that govern accidents, understandable to the layperson. We will provide a highly educated and experienced engineer with superior presentation skills as your expert witness.

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Legal Animation – Product Liability – Expert Witness – Accident Analysis – Patent Infringement

Design Visionaries is a full service design and engineering firm. If you have questions, please give us a call 408-997-6323

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