Teamcenter is a global collaboration, PLM solution suitable for companies large and small.


This powerful software allows engineering and manufacturing teams to synchronize design data, share design models in workflow-driven processes, and collaborate across a fully digital environment. Teamcenter provides engineering teams the global sharing and workgroup management capabilities they need to capture, manage, and leverage geometry and engineering data created by multiple CAD, CAM and CAE systems.


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Teamcenter Express


The capabilities of Teamcenter Express provide the collaborative design management functionality that your engineering teams needs for product data management (PDM).


Teamcenter Express is ideal for mid-size manufacturing companies. This powerful software will transform your innovation process by applying preconfigured best practices to everyday engineering tasks and processes–which means you’ll streamline your work and get to market faster.


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Teamcenter Community


Teamcenter Community from Siemens provides seamless integration with Teamcenter Engineering software, enabling users to securely share PLM data with globally dispersed teams and external partners at any point in the product development process. Data collaboration is made simple through integrated visualization, which allows viewing, markup, and analysis of data from any of the corporate CAD or other document formats. Teamcenter Community creates an easy to use environment for ad hoc collaboration with PLM data.


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Teamcenter Requirement Management


Teamcenter’s Requirements Management is the tool of choice to capture everything that needs to be fulfilled to have the best product possible.


Teamcenter’s Requirements Management capabilities provide your enterprise with a systematic and repeatable solution for defining, capturing, engineering, managing and leveraging product requirements.


Teamcenter Requirements Fact Sheet


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