VR and Siemens NX

VR is becoming the next cutting edge platform for immersive user experience. Personally, in my opinion the only one thing that is holding VR back is content and accessibility. In essence it is my belief that a VR headset should be just as universal… Read More


NX8 I love F4

NX has always been an extremely powerful CAD package.  There have always been many fantastic commands that enable you to do amazing feats of computer aided design. In general the menu structure is such that whatever you want to do is pretty close… Read More


The Wisdom of the Mentors

“As a mechanical engineer, you are an arranger,” he said. “You may be arranging for 300 degree air to be delivered to a certain place, or you may be arranging for 5 gallons per minute of cooling water to be deposited somewhere, but as an engineer you have to take care of all the details; all the components have to work together to get a task or series of tasks done.”