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About Us

  • Design Visionaries offers a unique blend of engineering-related products and engineering know-how. With over 100 years of combined experience, Design Visionaries is fortunate to have extremely talented, highly qualified, creative professionals available to supply an extraordinary array of design and engineering services.
  • Design Visionaries’ knowledge and experience span a large range of engineering disciplines and industries. The team has worked in the fields of aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer products, to name a few.

design (de*sign): to plan and make something in a skillful or artistic way visionaries

(vi*sion*ar*ies): characterized by unusually acute foresight and imagination

Not just our name, but who we are

Be Brutally Creative

Design the Experience

Serving your Needs Better

Communicate Frequently

Use the Team Approach

Document the Process

Save Time and Money

Did we mention Communicate?

Bravely Transcend the Status Quo

Let Design Visionaries help you accelerate your product development

Through process innovation and global collaboration. Our services and products include: 

Don't Wait. The time will never be Just Right!

Let Us Hear Your Needs, We Can Help!

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