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Scientific Analysis

  • As a professional engineering firm, Design Visionaries is capable of performing a number of scientific analyses and tests using the latest CAD analysis software.
    • We specialize in the areas of:
    • Fault and failure analysis
    • Product testing
    • Mechanical testing
    • FEA
    • Kinematic analysis
  • We can also create industrial animations/simulations to help visualize the results of our analysis.

Accident Analysis

  • We provide a highly detailed analysis including 3D computational models of every participating element.
  • We can account for mass properties, velocities, impact forces, weather conditions, and any other attributes to ascertain what occurred.
  • Using advanced computer tools, surveys, police reports, and our own investigations, we produce a persuasive report including sophisticated 3D simulations

Kinematic Analysis

  • We can optimize your mechanism to ensure that your design meets its target requirements.
  • Using our years of experience with the latest CAE technology combined with our state-of-the-art kinematic analysis tools.
  • We can ensure that your design will not only work but is optimized-it will work, last, and be cost-effective.

Finite Element Analysis

  • If you don’t get the design right the first time, there can be terrible repercussions for the rest of the product lifecycle.
  • Although there is no substitute for good design instinct, finite element analysis (FEA) can give you a huge advantage in testing a product’s performance.
  • FEA provides inexpensive, yet reliable, analyses that assure the components designed are guaranteed for success.
  • The following types of analysis are available:
    • Linear structural
    • Thermal
    • Buckling
    • Single components or assemblies
    • Contact analysis

Product Analysis

  • At Design Visionaries, we know the ins and outs of product design.
  • We can reverse engineer any product or patent to create beautiful 3D CAD models which show the device’s inner and outer components.
  • With our legal animations, we create professional computer simulations which show exactly how the patent or product functions.
  • As professional engineers, we are capable of performing a number of scientific analyses and tests.
  • We provide full reports, animations/simulations, and can appear in court as an expert witness in your legal case.
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