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Landon Ritchie


October Contest Winner

We are proud to announce the winner of the Ultimate Modeling Contest for October.   1st Place Saad Saleem Entry: Lamborghini     2nd Place John Almstead Entry: Submarine    3rd Place Noor Uddin Qureshi Entry: Yaris


The Wisdom of the Mentors

“As a mechanical engineer, you are an arranger,” he said. “You may be arranging for 300 degree air to be delivered to a certain place, or you may be arranging for 5 gallons per minute of cooling water to be deposited somewhere, but as an engineer you have to take care of all the details; all the components have to work together to get a task or series of tasks done.”


Capturing User Needs

Capturing User Needs By Stephen M. Samuel From focus groups, to surveys, to hidden camera studies, good industrial designers stop at nothing to capture the needs of the users of the products that they are designing. User needs, also known as “the voice… Read More


Design and Discovery

By Stephen M. Samuel They say Archimedes invented calculus 1500 years before it was reinvented by Sir Issac Newton. Fortunately, enough of his original writings survived the years such that we modern folks could examine them and gain insight into his thinking. It’s… Read More