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Wrap Curves

In newer versions of NX9 and up wrap curve also gives you the ability to wrap onto non tangent faces.

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Basic to Advanced NX11

NOW AVAILABLE! Basic to Advanced NX11 Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies is the newly revised version of our previous CAD training textbooks. We have greatly expanded the content, detail, and exercises included…

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VR and Siemens NX

VR is becoming the next cutting edge platform for immersive user experience. Personally, in my opinion the only one thing that is holding VR back is content and accessibility. In essence…

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Landon Ritchie, CTO

Landon Ritchie was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1980. He studied Internet Technology at Grays Harbor College and has certifications in A+ and Net+. He began his career in web…

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Jennine Scott, VP of Marketing

Jennine Scott was born in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA. She has a degree in Graphic Arts from Mission College in Santa Clara, CA and completed the Art Instructional School…

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