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What is Blaze Guardian?

  • You no longer have to live in fear of losing your home to wildfire.

  • Design Visionaries has developed an autonomous fire-fighting system that will protect your home 24-7 whether you are home or away.

  • Our modular fire-fighting system is affordable, and installing our fire protection system may also reduce the cost of your fire insurance policy.

  • With Blaze Guardian you can finally relax about the threat of fire to your home and property.

How does Blaze Guardian work?

  • Our digitally controlled system uses infrared cameras and sensors to continually monitor the exterior of your home for hot spots.
  • When fire is detected, Blaze Guardian will douse the entire exterior structure of your home and surrounding areas with recycled water.
  • Blaze Guardian operates whether or not your local water system is pumping, whether or not your home has power, and whether you are home or away.


Blaze Guardian System Components:

  • Water Tank (Optional – You may choose to use your existing swimming pool as a water source)
  • Pump
  • Backup Generator
  • Blaze Guardian System:
    • Sprinklers
    • Piping
    • Satellite Antenna
    • Internet Enabled Switching
    • Software
    • Infrared Camera(s)
    • Monitoring Heat Sensors
    • Blaze Guardian App

Blaze Guardian System Attributes:

  • Sprinklers are hidden having very little impact on the aesthetics of your beautiful home.
  • You can monitor and activate the entire system remotely.
  • Works during a power outage or water shortage.


Blaze Guardian Services:

  • A licensed professional engineer will perform a free assessment of your home.
  • DV Creates a comprehensive “Not to Exceed” quote.
  • DV Creates a model of your home and the surrounding terrain.
  • DV Creates a proposal of all the equipment you will need.
    • Fire guardian system
    • Water tank
    • Sprinklers and plumbing
    • Electronics
    • Installation
    • Programming
    • Owner/Operator Training
  • A Licensed engineer will create a comprehensive plan including all calculations and simulations.
  • The plan is reviewed and the permits are secured.
  • A Licensed contractor performs the install.
  • DV performs the testing.
  • DV installs the app on up to 8 phones and performs the training.
  • Your system is ready to protect your home and property.

Optional Maintenance Plan and Testing Service available.

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