It’s Leaf Season in NX

Make your own in NX or download the .PRT file below. This model begins with a leaf image from the internet using a basic Google image search. First use Datum Plane – Raster Image to place the drawing on a the XY Plane…. Read More

Customized One-on-One CAD Training

One-on-one training is a great option for individuals who need schedule flexibility or prefer to learn at their own pace. Training can be tailored to teach the exact tools needed to get the project done. This is also the most cost-effective way to train one or two… Read More

We offer Prototyping and Production

With a relatively large shop, Design Visionaries is able to offer many prototyping capabilities in addition to machining or CAM classes. We have the supporting tooling to work with many different materials. We have a woodworking area that contains a 4 x 8… Read More

Online CAD Training

Features• Avoid the travel and disruption to your work schedule• Interact with an experienced designer and CAD user • Actual real-time communication with your instructor• Use of the latest online collaboration software• The instructor monitors your screen with real-time feedback• Many industry-specific, yet non-proprietary,… Read More

Silver Patriotic Boy in NX

This Silver Patriotic Boy is running for joy that it’s almost a long weekend . It is fun to make this body. Mostly Spheres and some Sweeps. The pants were begun with a Sphere. An M-shaped path was Extruded as a Sheet and… Read More

Make a King Cobra in NX

The King Cobra is one of the most challenging parts here. The body and hood are created using the Swept command with Scaling set to Perimeter Law and By Law Curve. The fangs used the same Swept command with Scaling set to Area… Read More

The Klein Bottle

The Klein Bottle is essentially a 3-D Mobius Strip in that it only has one surface. The “inner” and “outer” surface join through the clever way the bottle loops back upon itself. This object is modeled with a revolution and a couple of… Read More