The Klein Bottle

The Klein Bottle is essentially a 3-D Mobius Strip in that it only has one surface. The “inner” and “outer” surface join through the clever way the bottle loops back upon itself. This object is modeled with a revolution and a couple of… Read More

Cube in out Twist

This began with a cube and an Extrusion with the Boolean on Minus on each axis to make a hollow cube. Next, we made one just inside of it. Then deleted the center portions with Extrusions with the Boolean on Minus. Then sketches… Read More

Double Helix

Begin with a Helix along the Z axis. Make a sketch on the end of the helix and Swept along the helix with the Orientation along the Z axis. Create a path from the end of the Helix to the sketch origin. Tube… Read More

Our New Shop!

We are moving to our new location in San Jose, CA with the ability to have a wonderful shop with infinite possibilities. This now gives us an even greater capability to mill and prototype your projects right here in the bay area without… Read More

We’re Moving!

We have purchased a building downtown San Jose and are currently in the process of moving our facilities. We have a much larger shop space with access to better Manufacturing capabilities. Our new Address is: 1832 stone ave. san jose, ca 95125 Werbung:… Read More

Lost in Space Robot

You may date yourself if you remember the robot from the original Lost in Space. I downloaded 2 side views from the web and placed them with the Raster Image command. Then it’s a matter of Revolves and Extrusions. Command J was used… Read More

What’s New in Siemens NX12

  Here are some Highlights from Siemens about “What’s New in Siemens NX12” Also, enjoy the art we’ve created in NX12 and feel free to Download it for yourself. Design NX 12 removes barriers to innovation and empowers engineers to quickly achieve optimal… Read More

Tron Cycle created in NX

This Tron Cycle was rather involved. The sketching had to be precise and took place on a number of carefully placed planes. After the basic extrusions to create the wheels, the body was constructed of many wireframes and surfaces created using Fill Surface…. Read More