DIY Real Life Wrench Mask V1

I created this mask using a typical Arduino Uno & EasyVR Voice Recognition Board. What you’ll need: Arduino UNO Easy VR Shield Addressable RGB LED Strips just 1 meter @ 144 leds is enough. Paintball Mask Programmed Mask Arduino Code The LED strips can… Read More


COMING SOON! Welcome! This course on the expressions language in NX has been written for engineers by engineers who love this stuff. We did it knowing that you’re probably very busy. That said, we’ve made this course very hands-on and streamlined. Most of… Read More

Basic to Advanced NX11

NOW AVAILABLE! Basic to Advanced NX11 Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies is the newly revised version of our previous CAD training textbooks. We have greatly expanded the content, detail, and exercises included in this edition.Topics include: Synchronous and Master Modeling; Fundamental and Intermediate Curves; Editing… Read More

VR and Siemens NX

VR is becoming the next cutting edge platform for immersive user experience. Personally, in my opinion the only one thing that is holding VR back is content and accessibility. In essence it is my belief that a VR headset should be just as universal… Read More