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DIY Real Life Wrench Mask V1

DIY Real Life Wrench Mask V1

I created this mask using a typical Arduino Uno & EasyVR Voice Recognition Board.

What you’ll need:

The LED strips can be cut at the marked cut lines and rewired to be put into a grid. For this project i removed the paintball mask glasses and placed the LED strips over it and taped it to get the proper placement.

Believe it not there are enough perforations in the LED strips you can faintly see, similar to looking the a screen door. Just make sure the wiring is out of your field of view. I used a Hot-glue gun to hot glue the circuits and the LEDs to the Paintball Glasses and then inserted it back into the mask.


If you wish to use my Code to control the Leds the grid must be cut into 4 rows of 23 lights, and then 2 strips of 9 leds for the bottom. I’ve included an excel spreadsheet of the lights. by coloring the cells you can easily program each light you want to make custom emotes for yourself. You’ll also need to train your EasyVR with the following commands in the same order:

RED = 0,
BLUE = 1,
GREEN = 2,
WHITE = 6,
LOVE = 8,
HELLO = 9,
HI = 10,
FART = 11,
FU = 12,
LOL = 13,
WHAT = 14,
WHY = 15,
POOP = 16,
HAPPY = 17,
YES = 18,
NO = 19,
UHH = 20,
SMILE = 21
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