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Expression Course Excerpt – Extended Text Entry

Exercise 17.2 Using the Extended Text Entry function


The Extended Text Entry function allows you to semi-automatically build expressions without having to remember the exact required syntax. For example, let us build the expression that says X=5 if A=10 and B=12 else X=4.

First we will need to create a new part file and call it what you will.

Next, open the expressions editor and enter the supporting expression in the normal way. A=10, B=12.


Next, type X into the name box, and click on the Extended Text Entry button.


Next you will find yourself in the Conditional Builder:


Next enter in the if box A=10, and press the & button.


Now enter the rest, B=10. Enter 5 in the Then box and 4 where it reads False. Finally select OK.


You will see the Extended Text Entry confirmation window. Select OK.


You will now have a complete new conditional expression.


Finally Select OK 

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