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Feeling Alone? Japan Delivers! Personal “Waifu” Companion.

Feeling alone? Japan delivers! Personal “Waifu” companion.

Here’s an interesting device I stumbled across today. Gatebox, it’s similar to having an Amazon echo or a google home on a much MUCH more personal level. A Japanese startup Vinclu is offering a holographic Waifu (Japanese Anime Wife) as a personal assistant/e-lover. She’ll text you while you’re away and simulate a real conversation with a girlfriend.

It appears the only have the one character available, but from the sound of it you’ll be able to select more. Perhaps even customize their clothing/appearance. I’m not entirely sure if this is revolutionary or kind of sad to be honest, but hey if it helps a few lonely men get out of bed in the morning then more power to it.

I could see this being even more useful in the future than just the waifu genre, would be cool to see your game character or dare i say; pokemon collection? In any case this tech is pretty cool in my opinion.


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