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We have always believed that art and engineering are joined at the hip. It has been our great pleasure to be in the engineering profession because many of the most accomplished engineers seem to have amazing artistic skills. The profession is replete with folks like Leonardo da Vinci and Alexander Calder. Even the comedian Gallagher started out as an engineer.

The creative problem solving ethic seems to know no boundaries. The goodies section of our website is devoted to sharing our art form. There are amazing models to download, whimsical plans, videos and much more. We hope that you enjoy its bounty.

productDigital Download of the project workfiles for Basic to Advanced NX7.5 Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies

Digital Download of the project workfiles for Basic & Intermediate Solid Edge ST2 Modeling, Drafting, & Assemblies

squidCAD modeling is an art form. These free, amazing CAD Models are an artistic expressions of what can be done when you’re crazy about using CAD.

552413_393342754070632_189881449_nDesign Visionaries brings you more helpful tips, tricks and tutorials for NX10 than anyone else. We write the books for NX2-NX10 We can teach you.

Bild_2_NX_8.5_True_Studio_Rendering_01In the spirit of honing one’s skills, we have provided these free CAD tutorials, articles and other useful information. They are detailed methods, information and tricks that we think can save you loads of time and make design jobs much easier.

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