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Got Prototyping? We Do!

Got Prototyping? We do!


Design Visionaries has now got you covered for many of your prototyping needs. We have the 3D printer, laser cutter and all of the essential tools to make your product design a reality.

First, we will create the product and industrial design that you need to kick-off your product. Next, we will create the display, design validation or even the electronic prototype you need to take your product to the next level. You can also bring your existing .prt files to Design Visionaries and have them prototyped right here in our office. Although we have been creating these wonderful prototypes for years, we now have some of the latest tools in technology to make them even better and create them faster.

3D printing is the most common form of prototype manufacture process. One-off parts for a new design can quickly and cost-effectively be produced in different materials and quality levels. Designs of varying complexities can be built and in your hands within a matter of days. We have built up partnerships with some of the best prototyping companies in the world to bring you the most appropriate material and cost options for your project.

Before an investment is made in full-scale manufacture the functionality of a design may need to be fully tested. If this involves moving parts or electronics then these would need to work in order to demonstrate that the design is correct. In some cases, this form of the prototype can be used for compliance testing and legislative approvals prior to full-scale manufacture.

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