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NX8 I love F4

NX has always been an extremely powerful CAD package.  There have always been many fantastic commands that enable you to do amazing feats of computer aided design. In general the menu structure is such that whatever you want to do is pretty close to the top of the menu structure. But with NX versions previous to NX8 when you wanted to do the same command over and over again you had to make a few clicks to get back to a command that you just executed. In NX8 there is a new “Repeat Last Command” ability. You can use the icon  or you can just use F4. As you use “Repeat Last Command”, the icon of the last feature you used will show on the menu. This may make it a little difficult to spot the command when you’re looking for it on the menu because it’s camouflaged like the last command you used.

When you actually place the repeat last command tool on the command bar it will display the last ten commands. When you get to the 11th command it will knock the first one off the list and so on.

This will make an already great and easy to use software package even easier.

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