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A New Born Consumer Product is Taking Off

A New Born Consumer Product is Taking Off- See it at the 2012 PLM World
The American dream is replete with folks who had a vision and through the strength of their personality and perseverance, triumphed against all odds. Enabling people to charge their iPads, iPods, Droids and game controllers without the use of wall transformers is not exactly a triumph against all odds, but it certainly was a vision. At Design Visionaries we have been enabling folks with product design for almost two decades. We’ve worked with Apple, Plantronics, Bose, GM, Johnson &Johnson, Textron and many others. It’s always been an honor, a privilege and a pleasure.
Over the years we’ve loved seeing products that we’ve helped design being used by people all over the world but nothing beats the thrill of having your own product. The Duo and the Quattro are the latest products that we have birthed. It’s been a long road. It started with an idea and a patent. It progressed to a preliminary design, a bunch of prototypes, an electrical design, a version one product, and now two new versions. Happily many home owners, hotel chains, and some large distributors love our product. Sales routinely challenge our ability to supply – a great problem to have. Along the way there have been so many hidden lessons that we were forced to learn, from the patent process, to certain CAD techniques that helped, to the prototyping, packaging, sales, finance and beyond. At PLM World I will be sharing this experience with those that are interested. I will leave ample time to answer any and all questions. I will demonstrate the new product and even have a few copies for anyone who wants to see it, the innards, and anything else that might edify. I sincerely hope you can join me at PLM World in Las Vegas at 4:25pm on Tuesday, May 8. If you’re in the area a week earlier, check us out at the Hardware Show at Las Vegas Convention Center, May 1-3 to celebrate the arrival of the two new girls, the Duo and the Quattro.

For more information about the products themselves please visit us at For a more comprehensive article about the creation of the Quattro and Duo follow this link ( to the articles page of

Announcement by, Stephen M. Samuel PE, President of Design Visionaries

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