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It’s Leaf Season In NX

It’s Leaf Season in NX

Make your own in NX or download the .PRT file below. This model begins with a leaf image from the internet using a basic Google image search. First use Datum Plane – Raster Image to place the drawing on a the XY Plane. Then create a sketch matching the outline of the leaf using Arcs, Splines, Linea, and Conic sections. It helps to Fix or Fully Fix the lines as you create them. Next, make a sketch of the veins. These are projected with Project Curve to the surface of a Through Curves surface parallel to the leaf. Then, thicken the Surface to .1mm and -.1mm and Extruded the leaf outline with Boolean set to Subtract. Make a sketch at the wide end of each vein and used Swept – Scaling: Perimeter Law, Linear, Start – the thickness of the stem at that point and End – .2mm to make the veins taper. Enjoy.

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