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NX CAM | Video Tips – Machining From A Facet Body (STL)

NX CAM | Video Tips – Machining From a Facet Body (STL)

by: Acuity


Published on Jul 25, 2014

Many of our customers are machining parts from scanned data where a CAD file does not exist. NX has powerful tools for machining these faceted bodies, but they require different workflows that may not be immediately apparent.

In this video, I will show you how you can quickly import and create toolpaths for a closed facet body.
Machining operations for a closed-body STL file

1. Import and Geometry Settings
2. Define Workpiece, Specify Blank
3. Region Control Techniques a. Trim boundaries b. Steep and non-steep cutting regions
4. Check Results

Now, what if your scanned data results in a body with missing facets or outliers? NX Freeform provides tools for cleaning up these files.

The second part of the video explains the use of these tools to prepare an irregular facet body for machining.
Creating a closed facet body from irregular STL file

1. Editing Options a. Snip Region b. Fill Hole c. Smooth d. Fill Island e. Bridge Gap
2. Extrude Facet Body

If your current license does not support the operations shown today, please contact us for a review.

Thanks for watching.


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