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PLM World 2013 – Expressions and Parameters on Steroids

Stephen M Samuel PE

“This speech is dedicated to those that innovate .”


When all you have is a hammer everything becomes nail

The Importance of Using Advanced Expressions Techniques

•Ten engineers
•18000 hours
•60 % spent in CAD=10,800 hours
•10 minute creation goes to 5 minutes (Conservative estimate 25% reduction in modeling time)
•2700 hours saved  yields 67.5 weeks   for ten people. That is 6 weeks on the market faster.
•2700*120 per hour = $324,000
photosDesign Visionaries Overview
•Design Engineering – 80%
•Custom NX Training and Implementation
•NX Books – (NX2-8.5, Expressions for Smarties, & NX Nastran)
•Teamcenter & Solid Edge
•Sharpener Tool

Why learn all the power of Expressions?

  • An OK User of NX can do a good job, a great user will do exponentially better.
  • Getting on the market faster means you sell to customers that your competitor is missing. You get more experience with the product.
  • When Old Joe leaves there are models that will enable you to capture his knowledge in the form of expressions and parameters.
  • Much more understandable to those that must use the model and make changes
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Expressions In One Place.

NX is Better Because it Doesn’t Forget

NX is Better Because its Order Independent

productEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Expressions In One Place.

NX Expressions for Smarties


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