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Rack and Pinion in NX7.5

Created by, adomeski

Learn to use the motion simulator by making a rack and pinion move together in NX7.5!


1. Open rack_and_pinion.prt from  Rack_and_Pinion  (zip file).
2. Start -> Motion Simulation
3. In the Motion Navigator, right click on “Gears” and select “New Simulation.”
4. In the environment dialog box, make sure that “Dynamics” is selected as the Analysis Type. For convenience, check the “Component-based Simulation” box under “Component Options.” Delete the “slider” joint that appears.
5. NX will now give you the option to fix one of the gears – select No! If you fix either gear, rotation will not be possible.
6. Click on the Joint icon in the Toolbar, or select Insert -> Joint.

Make sure that the Joint type is set to “Revolute,” and select “GEAR” from the Motion Navigator as the action link. When NX prompts you to specify the origin, carefully choose the center of the interior edge of “GEAR”, as shown below.

7. Specify the orientation by selecting the smallest circle centered at the origin, and click on the “Driver” Tab. Change the Rotation from “None to “Constant” and set the initial velocity to 50.

8. Click the Joint icon again and select “Slider” as the joint type. Select “RACK” as the action link, and use one of the long edges of the rack to define the orientation. The origin can be placed anywhere.
9. Next, click on the “Rack and Pinion” icon. It can be found under the Gears tab as pictured below. You can also click Insert -> Coupler -> Rack and Pinion.

10. Under “First Joint – Driver,” select the slider joint just created. Under second joint, select the revolute joint. In the “Ratio (pin radius)” box, enter the value 0.025 + (“Gear”::d)/2
11. In the Motion Navigator, right-click on motion_1, and select “New Solution.” Set the time to 5 seconds and the “Steps” to 500 – this will improve the resolution of the animation. To save time you can check the “Solve with OK” box so that the animation will be ready to watch immediately after NX solves the system.
12. Enjoy your animation! If you wish to control playback speed and other viewing options, click the Animation icon:

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