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Design Visionaries can ease the pain of finding qualified mechanical engineers for your firm.

How? We recruit –but most importantly–TRAIN the employee to YOUR specific CAD requirements. We will find your engineering employee diamond in the rough!

Risk? None! You can ‘Try It Before You Buy It’. The potential employee will be contracted by Design Visionaries and after a trial period you can decide whether to hire or decline the employee.

What qualifies us? Design Visionaries has 30 years of high-end CAD training of all the major CAD packages, over 10 published CAD books, engineering services, patents and product design. Stephen M. Samuel PE our president, is a professional CAD trainer who is in tune with the unique needs of matching qualified employees with their strengths. He understands that a plastics surface engineer has a different forte than an design engineer that works on antennas.

References: We are a provider of training and recruit for the top Silicon Valley Firms such as Google, Apple, Plantronics, AMAT, Bose, SLAC etc.

Give us a try! Contact Jen or Laura at Design Visionaries. We will set up a conference call and with Mr. Samuel and our team to discuss your ideal potential employee.

Our Free Offering:

  1. Evaluate and document your engineering needs with your current CAD software package.
  2. Listen to what you want your future engineers to be able to do.
  3. Develop an Engineering Test which will determine an engineer’s strengths and deficiencies.
  4. Train your potential engineer to your specifications.

You decide:
Yes: Pay our finders fee or negotiate a contract.
No: Thank you for trying our services. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.

For more information:

Download Flyer PDF: Advanced Engineering Placement PDF 4.33Mb

Contact: Design Visionaries at Or call: 408-997-6323

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