PLM & Program Design

trainingsideWith our PLM implementation service, we design the design process for your business to help you operate smarter, better, and faster.


Our PLM implementation design always begins with an all encompassing review of how your business is performed, identifying the inputs and outputs of each component of your business. Next, we perform a detailed needs assessment where we link your company’s product development and design needs with powerful Teamcenter PLM software solutions from UGS.


Above all, the design will be friendly to the users.

Design Visionaries can also provide training and books to augment Teamcenter implementation.

Product Lifecycle Management

UGS-PLMDesign Visionaries offers a complete product lifecycle management (PLM) solution with UGS Teamcenter software, customized program design, and our personalized, comprehensive Teamcenter training. We can help you fully integrate this powerful PLM solution into your company.


Teamcenter is a global collaboration, PLM solution which unites, organizes, and manages ever-evolving new product development data, enabling your company to communicate more effectively and reach the market faster.


The software provides everything you need to consolidate the entire engineering process for multi-site production teams using a variety of CAD applications. Teamcenter particularly empowers development teams to effectively navigate the earliest stages of the product lifecycle. Considering the early stages can influence a vast majority of your product costs, streamlining the initial phase becomes vital to your overall success.


Teamcenter solutions connect users with global access to the entire product lifecycle in a real-time environment, while enabling you to:


  • Maximize innovation throughout the product lifecycle
  • Get to market faster
  • Speed up the decision-making process
  • Identify which participants perform most effectively
  • Manage the array of intellectual property in your company
  • Minimize lifecycle costs
  • Achieve a faster, fully digitalized product lifecycle solution


Teamcenter Engineering powers innovation and productivity by connecting people and processes with knowledge.