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Design Visionaries offers a complete and scalable accident analysis and reconstruction service to fit your needs. We provide reliable mechanical engineering analysis, high-quality animations/simulations of crash accidents and injury scenes, and can appear in court as an expert witness.


Our service includes:

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We provide a highly detailed analysis including 3D computational models of every participating element. We can account for mass properties, velocities, impact forces, weather conditions, and any other attributes to ascertain what occurred. Using advanced computer tools, surveys, police reports, and our own investigations, we produce a persuasive report including sophisticated 3D simulations.

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To make an effective statement, we provide a video/animation with time stamps and scaled representations of every major component of an accident scene. The video/animation is extremely credible and difficult to dispute.

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Expert Witness” state=”open”] We testify on your behalf and have an ability to make the detailed engineering principles that govern accidents understandable to the layperson. We will provide a highly educated and experienced engineer with superior presentation skills as an accident expert witness.



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