Siemens NX, Team Center, Creo & SolidWorks Training

We don’t just teach CAD; we teach how to use CAD to accomplish a specific production goal.

It sounds like a small difference, but when our students emerge from the class they are better qualified to do great production work.

Your trainer is an engineer who actively and currently has design projects that he is responsible for. Therefore, what is taught in the classroom truly reflects industry experience.

Design Visionaries has been in business for over a quarter of a century as mechanical engineers, trainers, and PLM users.  Our history and exposure to many market verticals give us the right mix of experience to design a custom training for your project.  We create “The” course syllabus for you to ensure the success of your project.  Bring us in early for a discovery session. Having the proper training by working engineers and users is your secret to success.

Our training has successfully assisted deployments from 20 to over 800 users and authors.

Actual Design Experience

What we know about the software is informed by years of actual design experience for many different industries; this enables our trainers to know the software better than those who happened to write the code.

Worldwide Training

We have trained all over the world and our communication skills are second to none. Our trainers are extremely engaging and patient while they serve as teacher, engineer, cheerleader, and sometimes therapist, to be fully effective.

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We offer the following courses:
(Note: Almost all of our classes are customized to fit specific user requirements.)

  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies Level 1
  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies Level 2
  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies Level 3
  • NX Transition
  • NX Large Assemblies
  • NX Nastran
  • NX Sheet Metal
  • NX Motion Simulation
  • NX Wire and Mechanical Routing
  • NX Machining
  • Industrial Design using NX Shape Studio
  • Overview of TcEng
  • Teamcenter productivity operations
  • Items Basic concepts
  • Check-in and check out

Teamcenter Projects are not Complete Without the Right Training.

Teamcenter, like all Product Lifecycle Management projects, is part planning and implementation and part business process improvement.  The glue that holds these phases together is training users and data authors in the proper functional use as well as the techniques and requirements to make such a large investment pay off properly.

  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies Level 1
  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies Level 2
  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies Level 3
  • Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies
  • Surfacing
  • Advanced Parametric Modeling

Business Process Consulting – Using Data Integrity to optimize your Engineering Process

The Design Visionaries Data Integrity Process is a consulting engagement which uses enhanced modeling and organizing techniques to make the design to manufacture system easier to use.  This combination of analysis, report, and training allow all the members of the organization to know what to expect from any given model file.

The Data Integrity Process is informed by many years of experience using NX and Creo for product and industrial design. More importantly, we deliver specific techniques that leverage the actual use cases at your company. We interview select members of each major group at your company and synthesize their specific requirements.  

Data Integrity Process you will deliver:

  • Decreased time to model any particular component or assembly.
  • Faster changes to models and assemblies that are produced.
  • Easier interference checks and other data verifications.
  • Better organization of the overall assemblies to reduce confusion.
  • Eliminate time-consuming and potentially dangerous modeling and design mistakes.
  • Improve understanding between groups of how product definition should be communicated.
  • Build parts right the first time, with less rework.
  • Perform component analysis sooner and more easily so that as the design phase of your projects continues there is a greater chance that a more optimized design emerges. The result is identifying and eradicating such failure modes before they can produce actual failures.
  • Easier utilization of legacy data for ongoing projects, components, and assemblies by standardization and organizational continuity.
  • Reduce the cost of manufacturing due to the decrease in the ambiguity of the product definition that they are given.

The Time is Now to Implement the Data Integrity Process

We are ready to perform a discovery analysis on your company’s engineering business process.  Reach out to us today to schedule your complimentary readiness discovery.

Our Training is Custom

We are able to take your part files and whatever methods documentation you may have, and integrate them into the course we create specifically for your needs. Students benefit greatly because the material is focused on what they will actually use.

Courses are specially customized for your required version of software, customer specific CAD requirements and specific dates.

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Hello, Mr. Samuel, Your visit to Biomet and the training you provided was the highlight of my year, vocationally. Thanks for taking the time to come out. Thank you very much! BTW, people are still talking about you. The knowledge and experience you have with NX, combined with the way you simplify and present it amazes us.

John Meyers, Biomet

I’m truly glad to hear that others are signing up for the expressions course as I feel it’s one of the most important subjects in NX and everyone can learn something from it. Steve Samuel did an excellent job (as always)!

Anonymous, Boston, MA

Solid Edge training from Design Visionaries has been an immense value. I challenged Design Visionaries to come up with an on-site training plan that could bring a mixed classroom of novices and experts to the same proficiency level, and do it within our work schedule. Using examples representative of the products we manufacture engaged the students more than general training ever has. Design Visionaries even managed to win over a staunch user of another CAD software to our corporate standard. Thanks to Mr. Stephen Samuel and Design Visionaries for an excellent training session. We will definitely be using them again for future training

Scott Wertel, PE, NAMMO Talley

Ben Stevenson from Design Visionaries did a great job of presenting and teaching us the “What’s new for NX6”. His excitement and enthusiasm of the product is always present and his positive attitude made the class very interesting for me.

Brian, Bose Corporation

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