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Shooting Free Throws in NX7.5

Learn to use the Motion  Simulator in NX7.5!

Shooting Free Throws

Open Shooting_freethrows  (zip file). Then Start -> Motion Simulation.
Create a new simulation, and select “component-based assembly.” NX will now prompt you to fix the link “COURT.” Please do so.
Create a new link named “BALL” whose body is the basketball.
Now define 3d contact with action link “BALL” and base link “HOOP.” Enter the values shown in the dialog box below (these are the coefficients for rubber/acrylic contact, and can be found in the NX help file.


Define 3d contact between the ball and the court using the same parameters as above.
Create a new solution and set the time to 3 seconds, and number of steps to 300. Check “Solve with OK,” and you will have an animation ready to watch. Adjust the initial velocity and rotation conditions to score free-throws!



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