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imagewarebigImageware products from Siemens help achieve industrial designs that balance aesthetic styling and ergonomics to create beautiful, innovative designs. This software enhances NX styling capabilities, providing the user with modular, application-driven solutions in the areas of freeform product design, rapid surfacing, high-quality surfacing, reverse engineering, computer-aided verification, polygonal modeling, and rapid prototyping.


Imageware enables you to design, accurately build, and fully inspect high-quality freeform products in less time.


Imageware Brochure

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Imageware Surfacing

Imageware Surfacing generates free-form surfaces referring to point cloud data captured from a 3D measurement system and a design sketch. This product has the modeling functionality meeting variety types of requirements in the development process, from class A surfacing that is needed for styling through rapid surfacing that needs to be completed for a short time. Combination with the Point Processing feature realizes a high-end reverse engineering tool.

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Imageware Inspection

Imageware Inspection has the functionality to compare point cloud data of a die or product captured from a 3D measurement system with CAD data, and to inspect the various aspects.


Imageware can be used for various inspections including measurement of faces, sections and dimensions, gap and flushness between two neighbor parts or assemblies by using measured data and CAD data. Imageware accept data from most of the 3D measurement systems regardless of touch probe or laser scanners, optical (camera), x-ray scanners type. The alignment functionality supports correction to the CAD coordinate system that cannot be aligned in a laser or optical type of measurement system.

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Imageware Evaluation

Imageware Evaluation has the data evaluation functionality to ensure a high-quality surfaced model. You can observe the quality of a curved surface by using the functionalities to display the curves, curvatures or inflection points generated referring to the measured point cloud, evaluate continuity, display elements in a high-lighted color, and apply zebra mapping.


Being combined with Point Processing or Surfacing, this Evaluation product can be used as a high-end styling tool.

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Imageware Point Processing

Imageware Point Processing has the functionality to edit point cloud data captured from a 3D shape measurement system.


By importing point cloud data from variety types of measurement systems, removes noise and reduces point cloud data, merging and smoothing, extracting sections, making alignment, polygonizing, and modifying the shape, such data can be used as reference data for reverse engineering or as a model for measurement.


By using with Polygon Modeling, you can use point cloud data as a 3D model for RP system or as an analysis model.

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Imageware Polygon Modeling

Imageware Polygon Modeling provides creation of a polygon mesh model from CAD data and measured point cloud data, verification and correction of errors in polygon meshing, filling, smoothing, thinning and division of polygon meshes. Modified polygon meshes can be used as a simplified 3D model for RP system, analysis and manufacturing.

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Imageware View

Imageware View is the viewer to browse Imageware files.
You can observe color-mapped error with 3D data after inspection.

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