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Moldex3D/eDesign Ensure Your Design

s_products-circleMoldex3D/eDesign is the world-leading true 3D injection molding simulation software. Through the synergy of true 3D analysis capabilities, the automatic mesh generator, parallel computing, and the user-friendly workflow, Moldex3D/eDesign efficiently verifies your part/mold designs. Its complete analysis modules also can simulate and visualize various molding conditions to solve design difficulties and optimize product designs. Not only does it enable you to minimize the design cycle and time-to-market, but it helps you enhance product quality and maximize your return on investment. Moldex3D/eDesign is your best CAE strategy.


Moldex3D/eDesign Feature Highlights

  • Automation – The automatic mesh generator simplifies complicated mesh preparation.
  • Reliability – Pioneering true 3D technology delivers reliable analysis results.
  • Ease-of-use – The user-friendly intuitive interface brings a smooth workflow.
  • Intelligence – Modeling wizards in Designer assist in building feeding and cooling systems.
  • Efficiency – Parallel computing achieves high-speed calculation.
  • Capability – Complete analysis modules enable verifying and optimizing product designs.
  • Productivity – Precise analysis results and reports enhance cross-department collaboration.

Automatic mesh generator simplifies complicated mesh preparation.



Moldex3D/eDesign is equipped with a powerful pre-processor: Designer. Its automatic meshing engine enables users to generate high-quality mesh easily and quickly without any additional complicated meshing work. The pre-processing wizards also provide users convenient and efficient tools for the construction of gates, runners, cooling channels and the moldbase. With the capabilities of Designer, users are able to access to easy-to-use solutions for product development.



Now with the vision of integrating CAD design with CAE solutions, Moldex3D eDesignSYNC, an add-on of CAD software, has been developed as the bridge allowing CAD users to take advantage of Moldex3D/eDesign from their familiar CAD environments. This interface not only provides complete solutions of the pre-processing work, but also brings the unique features and analysis capabilities of Moldex3D/eDesign. With eDesignSYNC, designers are able to synchronize their design changes with Moldex3D simulations for solving the design and manufacturing difficulties more effectively.


Pioneering True 3D Technology Delivers Reliable Analysis Results

Equipped with the pioneering true 3D kernel, Moldex3D/eDesign provides reliable simulation results for complex plastic injection molding parts. Its capabilities also can be applied to a wide variety of plastic parts. With Moldex3D/eDesign, users are able to get more accurate results at higher speed.


The User-friendly Intuitive Interface Brings a Smooth Workflow

The easy-to-navigate user interface, well-designed by a consistent and intuitive logic, provides users with a smooth workflow for injection molding simulation. It highly improves the functionalities and shortens users’ learning curve. With only a few clicks needed, users can run a molding analysis easily and quickly.


Modeling Wizards in Designer Assist in Building Feeding and Cooling Systems

The intelligent molding wizards of Designer, exclusively built in Moldex3D/eDesign, help users create feeding and cooling systems more effectively. Users can easily define gates, runners, sprues, drops and cold slugs, and the wizards will build the molding systems automatically. It also provides advanced options for customized demands.


Parallel Computing Achieves High-speed Calculation

The high-performance parallelized kernel of Moldex3D/eDesign supports the calculation of Multi-CPU and PC-Clustor. It reinforces the computing capabilities and dramatically reduces the time required for injection molding simulation. A reliable 3D analysis can be done during a coffee break!


Complete Analysis Modules Enable Verifying and Optimizing Product Designs

Moldex3D/eDesign provides a complete suite of analysis modules to cost-effectively explore many potential revisions to improve and further optimize designs during or before the manufacturing factors. In the early design stage, designers also can verify design changes and enhance product quality more effectively with Moldex3D/eDesign.


Precise Analysis Results and Reports Enhance Cross-department Collaboration

Moldex3D/eDesign provides professional analysis results, including all kinds of variable distributions, X-Y graphs with advanced 3D displays, and an automatic HTML report generator. This interactive communication platform enables industrial teams to discuss and co-work more efficiently, which benefits cross-department collaboration and brings confident decision making.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008
  • Intel Core i7, Intel Core2Duo, Intel Pentium, Intel Xeon, Intel EM64T, AMD Athlon or AMD Opteron Based Processor
  • 8 GB RAM or greater



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