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camexpressbigCAM Express is an in-depth, highly flexible system that allows users to maximize the value of their investments, in the latest, most efficient and most capable machine tools. Easy to deploy and easy to learn. CAM Express provides powerful NC Programming with a low total cost of ownership.


CAM Express is a full function, CAD neutral, NC programming system that is easy to deploy and increases productivity on the machine tools and in the programming shop. CAM Express establishes a new high-water mark for CAM capability, with substantial advances in 3-axis machining, feature-based automation, and user experience. Advances include faster roughing provided by new corner rounding approaches and finer finishes achieved with fine-tuned point distribution. CAM Express makes feature based automation easier to deploy with a powerful new knowledge editor and expands the available feature set with additional feature recognition methods. And the continuing focus on ease of use is evident in the better-than-ever user experience that focuses on the model and reduces distractions.


  • CAM Express includes even more capabilities across the critical 3 axis machining application space, including specific high speed machining approaches
  • Feature-based automation delivers quality and consistency with less effort
  • Outstanding user experience drives programmer productivity

CAM Express provides substantial new capabilities across the NC programming landscape. Core machining functions are enhanced, programming automation is more powerful than ever, and users will enjoy the most productive working environment yet. Start unlocking the potential of your machine tools and programming staff today!


NX CAM Brochure


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