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Welcome! This course on the expressions language in NX has been written for engineers by engineers who love this stuff. We did it knowing that you’re probably very busy. That said, we’ve made this course very hands-on and streamlined. Most of this course is made up of exercises. You will learn a ton by performing them. The exercises get successively more difficult as the chapters progress, so we expect that if you already know a bit about expressions you can skip the beginning chapters and start somewhere in the middle.

Due to the raw power of expressions in NX this course is quite extensive. Most folks who use NX know at least a little about expressions but when you get into the detail you come to realize that the subject is vast. The expressions capability in NX is arguably the best, most powerful and easiest to use capability of its kind when compared to all the other major CAD programs. Most of the other CAD programs with a similar ability require you to order the expressions, “relations” just right, and you cannot make expressions on the fly. Also on other programs the available functions are limited and cumbersome. This course is an attempt to capture it all and provide real world examples from industry.

The examples in this course are done in inches. In most cases it doesn’t matter if you do them in inches or millimeters.
The techniques captured in this course reflect years of actual experience working with some of the most aggressive Fortune 500 engineering firms. It has been our privilege and pleasure to work with the engineering community for over 20 years amassing this highly interesting knowledge and sharing it with you the NX user community.

Thank you so very much.

Why a separate course in NX expressions language?

The use of NX expressions language is one of the biggest advantages to choosing NX. The subject is so vast and mastering the techniques makes such a huge difference in your ability to build high quality models quickly and efficiently, that the subject warranted its own mini course. Mastering NX expressions gives you a pervasive advantage when creating almost all features in addition to synchronous modeling, surfacing, sheet metal, drafting, machining and even NX Nastran.

Who should take this course?

This course has been written for both basic and very advanced NX users who truly want to access the full power of NX. The exercises span the entire range. Advanced users will want to begin somewhere in the middle. In the end analysis almost everyone who is doing parametric modeling will benefit.

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