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The Design Visionaries Building Design Philosophy

The Design Visionaries Building Design Philosophy

Service: The best thing I can do in life is be a servant leader. I can provide the best service if I use my talents and my best efforts to serve your specific needs. Every Architectural designer wants to execute designs that will win awards and be recognized as an innovator and a design and thought leader. Every architectural designer wants to fancy themselves as the next Frank Lloyd Write or Antoni Gaudi. But these tendencies don’t necessarily serve you as a client. The best thing we can do is pay attention to what you tell us about yourself and the way you live, and design a space that will help you do and be that.

Conventional wisdom: Conventional wisdom can cripple the design process because conventional wisdom provides a roadmap to a design that which will serve the general public, but humans don’t live generally, they live specifically. The space we design together will probably serve you best if it reflects your specific desires not those of a faceless imaginary public. You will get from us exactly what you want.

The essence of the process: If we start by designing a building, it will have walls, doors, windows and fixtures. It may or my not work for you. But if instead we think holistically about the experience you want as you use the building and creatively optimize that experience, then we can let that guide the design. This is how we will produce the best building specifically for you.

Extension of you: You have five senses that everyone acknowledges; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. All of these are important – even taste because when we design kitchens it is important that the food that you make there tastes good. But in home design there are more senses to pay attention to. There’s your sense of breathing/airflow and heating and balance. There’s your sense of scale, your sense of time, your sense of rhythm and your sense of energy.  When we pay attention to these senses and anticipate how each one of these senses will be impacted by the building that we design, we will discover opportunities to optimize many important elements of the design. When we truly pay attention and do our jobs well, the building will be an extension of your life style, your stature, your belief system, and your true sense of self. The building can serve you and the other occupants for many years to come.

How do we do it? There are simple steps to our process. They are all predicated on one thing, our desire to provide a service that will bring you joy as fast as humanly possible for the least amount of money. We will be highly efficient if we use a great process, state of the art tools and above all communicate with you early on often.

Here’s what you can expect:

·         Ideation / communication: First and foremost, we dream. We meet with you and gather requirements. It is very important that we ask you many questions, sit down with you, listen and do hand sketches as you give us key inputs. It’s amazing how many problems we can solve and how many opportunities for progress we can identify by performing these sketches. We want to know what you will do in the building, who else will use it, how will they use it. We want to know who the building will be.

·         Layout and scope: We will create a layout using the most advanced CAD systems ever devised in the history of human kind. In order to do this, we will have to begin with an accurate representation of what is on the property before we start. If there is an existing structure, we will need to do “as built” plans. These can be facilitated by plans and sketches that you may have already but in most cases, we have to pour over the property and take measurements with a variety of tools. At the end of this stage we will have a great starting point. Next, we will use this starting point and begin to sketch in our proposals. You will be extremely well served by this process because before we spend a lot of money and time, you will be able to envision and even walk through, using a virtual reality head set, a full 3-D representation of the proposed design.

·         Detail design: Once you are happy with the design direction, we will produce the detailed design. We will be using very powerful CAD tools that will allow us to produce, the detailed floor plans, elevations, framing details, roofing plans, mechanical plans, electrical plans, and plumbing plans. Since each city is a little different, we will work with you and the city to make a list of all the specific requirements necessary to acquire building permits.

·         Permit: We will go down to the city building department with you to explain our design and process any feedback that may be discussed. There are times when we can be very influential with city officials that may want one thing or another. In some cases, questions are asked that if not answered correctly can lead to expensive additional requirements.

·         Execution: As the various contractors perform their various services, we will help you to manage them. We can tell you just what to expect. We can ensure that each contractor receives the proper design definition and detail to perform a quality job. We can suggest scheduling, cost, payments etc. We have a number of trusted associates that we can recommend that will work directly for you. There will be no middle man that will cost you extra. Our work is ensured so if there are changes to the design that are necessary as the entire project is coming together, you can count on us.

·         Project Finale: We will help you all throughout the process and as the project is finishing, we will help to ensure that all the requirements have been meet. We will package all the documents together in a project folder that you will want to keep for if and when you desire to do additional work. We will keep your project information on file for many years. We hope that you will tell friends how well you have been served.

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