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The Make Unique Command in NX8

The “Make Unique” command is an extremely useful new ability that is now available in NX8. A good way to describe it is a way of dealing with the situation that arises when you have an assembly with a number of components that you first thought would be all identical, then you subsequently found it necessary to make some of them different. For example, if you have a table that has four identical legs, and then you decide that two of the legs should have casters on them so you could just tilt the table and roll it away.

Now in NX8 you can use the Make Unique command. All you do is select the two legs that you want shortened and select the command. You are prompted to enter a new component name. In this case “Table led Shortened” was chosen. Then you make the shortened leg the work part and chop off the end of it where the caster will go. Finally you assemble the casters onto the end of the shortened legs and you’re good to go.

The Make Unique command can be found in the Assemblies / Components menu. To give it a try download the Make Unique Table assembly. It is a zip file that contains the original table assembly plus the caster. You will have to shorten the two legs by 3.25 inches. (954 KB)

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