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The Positive Thing about Negative Numbers in NX8

By Stephen M. Samuel PE


It may seem like a small thing but in NX8 we now have the ability to move geometry around in a sketch using a negative number. But it’s really significant because there are a lot of situations where sketched entities are on one side of a line or datum axis and are dimensioned in a way that they need to be moved to the other side.  This now works for angles two. If you have a line that is tilted 18 degrees from the horizon and you want to be able to move it below the horizon, all you have to do is type -18.

Figure 1. Model built from sketchwie positive 18 degrees

Figure 2. Model built from sketch with negative 18 degrees

In the image above one can see how switching the sign on an angular dimension can actually change the angle of a corresponding model face. This part also utilizes the pattern feature command. The holes all along the perimeter have been created using the “Pattern feature” command. For the first time in the history of versions of NX, it is now possible to pattern holes along a path without them being separate solids.


The Positive Thing About Negative Numbers in (138 KB)

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