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Tron Cycle Created In NX
Tron Car in NX

Tron Cycle created in NX

This Tron Cycle was rather involved. The sketching had to be precise and took place on a number of carefully placed planes. After the basic extrusions to create the wheels, the body was constructed of many wireframes and surfaces created using Fill Surface. Some of the more precise Extrusions used “Until Extended” as their Start and End values. A number of the curves were Projected onto sheets and surfaces and some were Combined Projection Curves.

Control-J was used at the end on Bodies and Faces to add color and semitransparency to the various elements. If you would like to bring this Tron Cycle into NX you can download below.

[tdbutton style=”normal” font_size=”12″ radius=”10″ text_color=”#000000″ text_hover_color=”” bg_color=”” bg_hover_color=”” target=”_self” url=””]Download .prt file[/tdbutton]


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