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VR And Siemens NX

VR and Siemens NX

VR is becoming the next cutting edge platform for immersive user experience. Personally, in my opinion the only one thing that is holding VR back is content and accessibility. In essence it is my belief that a VR headset should be just as universal as a keyboard and mouse. Most people can already use VR and are not aware of it. Most modern smartphones are already VR capable and Headsets for VR are easy to find, I’ve even seen them sold at local drugstores for as little as $15. Just throw your phone in a VR headset and you’re ready to explore the world of VR.

So how will all this fit in to CAD and engineering? I’ve seen some talk online using VR plugins for Siemens NX. More3d has a few plugins available one primarily targeted for VR is their MoreViz software.

Plant simulation model in a VR mode using More3D technology.

Not all of us have a dedicated headset to try out CAD systems in VR, the alternative is playing around with another software called Trinus. Trinus technology allows you to use your smartphone as a PC headset by transmitting the VR enabled video to your headset over a local wireless internet. With a good setup it runs surprisingly well. You can experiment with Siemens NX 10/11 using Trinus.

I was successful at viewing a CAD model in a headset, unfortunately the stereoscopic depth effect did not seem to work so well. It was still interesting to be able to move my head around to control the Pan and Rotation of the model when i hold down the middle mouse button.

These are the main settings that worked

Capture mode on Game gave me the best visual results. It took about 5 seconds or so for the feed to begin but i didn’t see the NX UI, only the 3d CAD space. Setting the Capture mode to Compatible would show the entire window and didn’t really give the immersive effect i wanted.

Using a 3d space mouse and remembering keyboard shortcuts i was able to do some CAD work in VR, turning on studio rendering really gave it a nice effect.

In the end we still have a ways to go, but with Siemens looking into the VR fields we can hope to soon (Crosses fingers for NX 12) we’ll see a dedicated VR release of a CAD systems. No more slouching in your desk doing CAD. soon you’ll be able do some virtual hands on building in VR space!

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