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What’s New In Siemens NX12

What’s New in Siemens NX12


Here are some Highlights from Siemens about “What’s New in Siemens NX12”

Also, enjoy the art we’ve created in NX12 and feel free to Download it for yourself.


NX 12 removes barriers to innovation and empowers engineers to quickly achieve optimal design solutions by utilizing their full creative potential. NX 12 includes hundreds of end-user enhancements that will increase your productivity. One example is the simultaneous display of multiple windows, which greatly improves concurrent working methods. Building on major enhancements introduced in NX 11, such as Convergent Modeling™, NX 12 delivers refined tools that support the generative design workflow by allowing direct manipulation of scanned or optimized facet geometry. In addition, our close integration with Mentor Graphics Capital facilitates the intelligent integration of electronic and electrical design with mechanical design. To support the increasing adoption of additive manufacturing, this release combines advanced tools with traditional modeling methods for designing lightweight parts, reinforcing the new capabilities with custom design validation checkers that ensure manufacturability. Together, these enhancements and functionality bolster NX’s standing as the design tool of choice.


Simcenter 3D is a unified, scalable, open, and extensible environment for 3D simulation that is based on the NX platform. This release of Simcenter 3D revolutionizes how simulation engineers can help drive design direction and predict product performance. It provides new solutions, such as topology optimization powered by NX Nastran, and supports seamless integration with NX Convergent Modeling™—allowing designers and advanced analysts to quickly generate and explore new design concepts. This release expands and integrates an impressive array of new technologies that build on LMS technologies for acoustics, structural, and motion analyses, and it broadens support for nonlinear solutions to include multi-step and dynamic nonlinear solutions. With new capabilities in motion, thermal, flow, and pre/post, as well as enhancements in discipline- and industry-specific modeling and post-processing, Simcenter 3D empowers engineers to be more productive while enabling more realistic and efficient CAE workflows than ever before.


NX CAM 12 brings powerful technologies that enable a new level of production efficiency on the shop floor. Adaptive milling, a new high-speed roughing method, significantly reduces machining time while extending cutting tool life. Using the new 5-axis tube milling, NC programmers rely on built-in expertise to efficiently rough and finish narrow hollow features, including ports on engine blocks and shrouded blisks. For high-volume production of complicated parts with many features, the new NX Machining Line Planner, combined with integrated NX CAM, enables distribution, balancing, programming, and simulation of operations over multiple setups and machines. This release also brings new and robust additive manufacturing capabilities to drive a wide range of 3D printer types, including HP Multi Jet Fusion printers. Along with functionality to more easily create complex support geometries, and capabilities for automated 3D nesting, NX truly facilitates the application of additive manufacturing for industrial production.


This pterodactyl is an exercise in using the Swept command. The Body was modeled using Swept > Scaling: Perimeter Law, Law Type: By Law Curve. The wings are Swept with a Perimeter Law, Law Type: Linear: Start (value), End (0). The wings were made translucent using Command-J. The head is an Elipse Revolved about its long axis and then using Scale Body set to .6 in the Y Direction. I made one set of claws and then used Command-T to copy and move them around.

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